Best Aluminum Striping Equipment Presents the new TOMMARK 250-3. Designed by the best in the business, Tom Waxler. The TOMMARK 250-3 (standard and double drop available) is DURABLE and DEPENDABLE. Send us an email or give us a call to find out about all the new features and upgrades!

This is available in standard and double drop.

See some of the new features below.

Now standard with a swivel claw, stronger springs, and higher capacity compatible with all older style handliners.

Features exclusive to the TOMMARK 250-3 include larger agitator stop with brace, thicker die handle catch, longer slop for the beads to enter the beader box fully across, die shield burner totally lined with stainless steel, new stainless steel die shield support, new agitator design for even mixing, new exhaust vents, upgraded 1” axle shaft, 1” swivel when axle bolt, 1″ axle shaft bearings, and a larger 1 piece push handle for holding gloves and other miscellaneous items. The TOMMARK 250-3 is proven to boost productivity by reducing fatigue and downtime.

We also have the following Add-Ons available for our handliners:

  • High Temperature Thermoplastic Slide Valve
  • Torch Assembly