MEGA Series Ride-On Units

Heavy Duty has finally met it’s match with plenty of user-friendly features! The MEGA Series Ride-On 2000, a rugged, dependable, mid-sized thermoplastic applicator, now comes with a large melting capacity providing 133 gallons of hot thermoplastic to maximize long-line production. This ensures minimal interruptions on each job.

Equipped with Kubota Diesel engine, heavy duty front axles with one inch king pins, and fluid controlled hydrostatic drive with drive motors ensures long life and low maintenance. The MEGA Series Ride-On 2000 provides swift and accurate steering while maintaining a constant speed, and NO loose linkage! Ask how the new MEGA Series Ride-On 2000 can exceed your thermoplastic requirements.

See below for pictures, specs and more information about BASE’s MEGA Series Ride-On 2000.

At BASE, we continue to develope and improve current products along with developing new units that will aid in expanding the highway marking industry.

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MEGA Series Ride-On 2000 Features


i) The following specification defines the characteristics of a self-propelled, fully automated thermoplastic pavement marking application system. The system shall be designed and engineered to be capable of attaching and using all of the following types of enclosed thermoplastic dispensing devices: (1) screed extrusion; (2) ribbon extrusion and (3) profiled extrusion. The system shall be a regular production model of the manufacturer; prototypes or one-of-a-kind systems will not be acceptable.

ii) Complete specifications, published literature including photos of the proposed system shall be furnished with the manufacturer’s bid.

iii) The system, as delivered, shall be fully assembled, ready for operation and shall comply with the following requirements:


  • a) Frame: The frame shall be of all-welded tubular steel (2″x3″x1/4″ wall) construction. No part of the frame to serve as an air reservoir for the system is allowed.
  • b) Engine: Kubota V-1505-E 42 gross horsepower, 38.0 continuous horsepower developing 45 foot pounds of continuous torque, diesel fueled with electric starter.
  • c) Drive System: Heavy duty engine driven hydrostatic pump with 2 rear axle drive motors. System shall utilize variable speed drive forward and reverse. One (each side) foot-controlled pedal, which also serves as the primary braking system shall operate hydrostatic pump by means of fluid control. Cable and linkage connection is not acceptable.
  • d) Steering: Front wheel automotive type hydraulic power steering with automotive type tie rod assemblies. The operator shall have the capability of steering from either the left or right side of the applicator.
  • e) Wheel and Tire Assembly: ST185 X 80D-13 load range D tires and rims.
  • f) Brake System: A Bendix spring applied/air release parking brake shall be installed.
  • g) Electrical System: 12 VDC with battery and 35 (minimum) amperes alternator.
  • h) Operating Console/Seating: Control panel shall be black, and all control functions within easy reach of the operator. Seating shall be adjustable and on both the left and right side of the applicator.
  • i) Alignment Pointer: Mechanical pointer extendable to 8 feet with an adjustable vertical sight bar which can be aligned on either left or right side.
  • j) Safety Equipment: Two flashing light shall be located at the rear of the applicator. Safety relief valves on glass sphere dispensing systems.
  • k) Fuel Supply: One 15 gallon diesel tank.
  • l) Hydraulic System: Two systems;
    • a) one closed system for hydrostatic drive
    • b) another for auxiliary hydraulics.

Thermoplastic Delivery System

The thermoplastic delivery system shall adhere to current accepted practices within the industry, and shall comply with the following requirements:

  • a) Thermoplastic Material Reservoir: 2000 lbs (133 gal) Steel construction, non-pressurized, Diesel Fired, Oil-Jacketed kettle with approximately 200,000 BTU/HR input. Reservoir shall be thermostatically controlled. Kettle shall be equipped with a high temp limit switch to prevent oil from rising above 550 degrees F. Agitator for the reservoir to be of all steel construction, hydraulically driven with variable speed capability. A pressurized thermoplastic material holding tank is unacceptable.
  • b) Material Delivery System: A positive continuous flow of molten material shall be conveyed from the material reservoir to the dispensing devices by means of a knife gate valve. An entirely enclosed oil-jacketed delivery manifold system shall be utilized.
  • c) Material Dispensing Devices: The thermoplastic material application system shall be supplied with a shielded oil jacketed dual dispensing device located on the left side of the unit and a single shielded oil jacketed closed system dispensing device located on the right side of the unit as follows (Select one or more):
    • 1. Screed extrusion dies: Provide three 4 inch width dies with tungsten carbide runners.
    • 2. Ribbon extrusion guns with positive pressure system: One dispenser providing two 4” width guns Left center line with 4” spacing between guns. One dispenser providing one 4” inch on the right side. Combo guns are optional.

Air Compressor

An air compressor capable of supplying a minimum of 23 cubic feet of air per minute at 100 psi shall be provided. The compressor shall be a two cylinder piston compressor with pressure lubrication and automatic unload features.

Oil Circulating System

A mechanically driven gear pump with a capacity of 3 gpm at 1800 rpm shall be supplied to circulate hot oil to the material manifold and dispensing systems.

Speedometer/Skip Timing Mechanism

Fully automatic, adjustable, solid state electronic speedometer and skip timing mechanism with water proof switches shall be provided.

Glass Sphere Application System

A glass sphere application system, consisting of a pressurized tank with approximately 200 lb. capacity and three glass sphere applicators, shall be provided.

Lighting System

Night lighting lamps shall be provided to illuminate the alignment pointer for night time use.

Operation-Instruction Manuals

The thermoplastic material application system shall, when delivered, be accompanied by two copies of a comprehensive operation/instruction manual complete with parts listing.


The services of at least one competent technician shall be available at no additional cost to the purchaser for a period of two days to instruct purchaser’s personnel in the operation and maintenance of the application system at manufacturer’s facility site.

Transport Trailer

An all steel construction, tandem axle, tilt-bed 7500 lb. capacity transport trailer equipped with an automatic tilting and leveling device, meeting all applicable ICC regulations, shall be supplied. A spare tire and Ratchet straps shall be furnished.


Delivery shall be determined at the time of order.