MEGA Series Trailer Combinations

Best Aluminum Striping Equipment’s MEGA Series Trailer is a complete thermoplastic application system, with the highest quality design and equipment to provide you with outstanding striping results on any project.

The MEGA Series Trailer is a total workstation which can be designed to fit your specific needs. Configurations may include single or dual kettles / handliners, with hydraulic jib crane or side lift gate. With any configuration the MEGA Series Trailer is the right choice for you.

We can conform our MEGA Series to fit your exact needs, plus a set-up that is safe, convenient, and friendly to operate giving years of reliable service.

See below for pictures, specs and more information about BASE’S MEGA Series Trailer and others.

At BASE, we continue to develop and improve current products along with developing new units that will aid in expanding the highway marking industry.

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MEGA Series Trailer Features


It is the intent of these specifications to describe the minimum requirements for a bottom fired, air jacketed skid-mounted thermoplastic material heating kettle, suitable for preheating material to be applied by thermoplastic applicators.

Select Desired Kettle Size

Material Capacity


Feed Height


Exterior Diameter


Min. BTU


Melting Performance

The unit shall be capable of melting two-thirds of its material capacity to a temperature exceeding 400°F within 75 minutes of initial heating and shall be capable of continuously melting material while traveling.

Material Heating

Tank shall be a vertically mounted, cylindrical barrel-shaped container with a 34″ maximum interior diameter with 3/16-inch thick walls and 5/8-inch thick bottom. The bottom of the inner kettle will have a stainless steel deflection plate to protect from scorching.

Exterior Design

(A) Shell: shall be of unitized construction to maximize heat efficiency and conform to the National Fire Protection Association Code 58. The interior side of the insulation shall have a metal baffle, which shall surround the heating tank directing the exhaust heat against the material heating tank, to assure even heating. (B) Ventilation Stack: Expanded heat vapor shall be exhausted through two 11-gauge rectangular stacks located 180° opposite each other. Exhaust stacks shall rise at least 12″ above kettles and outside the kettle. One flash tube shall be located behind feed door, designed to exhaust fumes above operator head with a water-proof door that closes and opens automatically. (C) Material Feed Door: shall be water-proof and constructed at a 30° slope enabling user to securely insert material without loss of product or danger of molten spillage. Its volume opening shall be 121 square inches. The kettle shall be capable of accepting either block or granulated thermoplastic material. (D) Material Discharge Valve: A 3″ knife gate type material valve shall rapidly trough discharge and securely close without the need for auxiliary heating. (E) Gauges: Oil and material temperature gauges shall be visible at the discharge valve end of the kettle, with readings up to 550°F. (F)  Top Plate: the entire 11-gauge thick top plate of the preheating kettle shall be divided into two removable sections. (G) Transport Rings : Top hoist rings or metal platform shall be provided. (H) Heat Shields: Solid heat protection panels 11-gauge thick shall be secured to the feed side of the kettle. The panels shall be constructed  to have a 11/2 inch air flow space and shall have a 33 inch width dimension and cover from the top edge of the kettle to approximately 15 inches from the floor. Heat shields shall be mounted around the exhaust stacks. (I) Instructions: shall be durably attached to the discharge side of the kettle.


Material Agitators

Upper and lower paddles shall be mounted on a 1-1/2 inch diameter shaft and connected with two vertical blades 1/2 inch thick wiping within 3/16 inch of tank wall. The aforesaid paddles and a center paddle shall be positioned to gently blend material homogeneously. The shaft and agitator shall be easily removable from the melting kettle to facilitate cleaning. The shaft support mounts shall only be located above the top plate of the kettle. The agitator shall be driven by one hydraulic motor which shall be offset chain sprocket mounted providing at least a 2:1 torque power ratio.


Shall be propane fired and provided with valves, regulator, lines and all fittings necessary for operation when supplied from L.P.G. tanks. The burner shall be Barber impinged jets equipped with a pilot control system. An automatic temperature control shall be installed to maintain heat transfer oil temperature at a pre-set adjustable level in a range up to 550°F; gas shall automatically shut off in the event flame is extinguished. The burner access door shall be 14-gauge steel and mounted under the material discharge valve to the left of burner controls to ensure safe lighting.


An L.P.G. fueled 4-cycle, air-cooled engine of at least 8.5 H.P. to operate the agitator shall be supplied. The engine shall be equipped with an air cleaner, muffler, adjustable throttle, variable speed governor, alternator and battery charged electric starter.

Hydraulic System

The system shall include a gear-type hydraulic pump, incorporating a pressure relief valve, hydraulic filter, a bi-directional hydraulic motor geared to rotate in excess of 40 rpm, selector valve, adequate size reservoir with filter screen, shut-off valve, oil temperature and level gauge and all necessary pipes, hoses and fittings to complete the system in accordance with established hydraulic standards. The selector valve shall be positioned in close proximity to the kettle feed door.


All exposed metal surfaces shall be primed with a rust and heat preventative and finished in a high heat resistant paint.

Service Representative

A qualified, factory-authorized service representative shall be available to assure correct use of the unit.


Two copies of the Instruction Manual and parts book for kettles and accessories shall be supplied. The Instruction Manual shall include proper thermoplastic handling procedures.


(A) All equipment catalogued as standard to be furnished and included in purchase price of the unit. (B) When delivered, the unit shall be completely assembled and ready to operate except for propane fuel. (C) All hoses supplied in assembling units described in these specifications shall have temperature and PSI ratings in excess of maximum operating temperatures in pressure fluids and materials being transferred. (D) The component parts of the unit shall be of proper size and design to safely operate with stresses imposed by maximum capacity operation. Only new models in current production, which are catalogued by the manufacturer, and for which manufacturer’s published literature and printed specifications are available, will be considered. Current models may be modified to comply with these specifications.


Select Tandem or Single

Tandem Axle

Heavy Duty

10,400 GVW

Tongue: 60 inches long
Bed: 7′ 1/2″W by 12′-14′

Four 9.50 x 16.5 12-ply tires on rim mounted wheels (Load Range “D” – 8LUG)

Single Axle

Light Duty

3,400 – 5,200 GVW

Tongue: 60 inches long
Bed: 5′ – 7 1/2″W by 10′

Two F78-14LT tires

Bed and Frame

Shall be all steel construction with a minimum. of 3″ channel on 16″ centers. Main rails shall be C7 * 12.25 pounds on 10′ and 12′ trailer beds and C7 * 12.25 pounds on 14′ trailer beds. The rear 48″ of the deck shall be covered with 1/4″ plate with rolled over edges; the remainder of the deck shall be covered with 1/4-inch thick diamond tread plate with rolled over edges.

Coupler Hitch

Adjustable position ball type hitch with 2-5/16 ball and safety chains.

Tongue Jack

5,000 lb. rated screw type jack firmly attached through tongue


Electrical brakes on all axles with emergency break-away switch and 12-volt battery for independent operation of brakes.

Lights & Electrical

Tail and running lights provided in accordance with ICC regulations with all wiring run in protective conduit. License plate mounting bracket attached and six-way male connecting plug with matching female plug provided.


Unless otherwise specified, one coat of red oxide primer with one finish coat of chrome yellow.

Hoist & Tie Downs

Hydraulically operated hoist provided on bracket situated to lift applicator onto and off trailer. Tie down chains attached to bed of trailer.

Provisions shall be made for mounting two 100 lb. and two 20 lb. L.P. gas tanks in the tongue section of the trailer. An upright bracket shall be provided to anchor the two 100 lb. tanks in which will be run the necessary piping and shut-off valves and flex lines.

Optional Equipment

  1. Pintle Type Hitch
  2. Spare Wheel & Tire
  3. Rotating flashing light (available with Honda and Kubota engines only)
  4. Strobe light (available with Honda and Kubota engines only)
  5. Ten pound fire extinguisher
  6. Die storage box
  7. Cooler
  8. Custom Safety Features, i.e., siderails, reinforced steps, etc.
  9. Aeroboard