Best Aluminum Striping Equipment Presents the new TOMMARK 250-3.  Designed by the best in the business, Tom Waxler. The TOMMARK 250-3 (standard and double drop available) is DURABLE and DEPENDABLE.  Send us an email or give us a call to find out about all the new features and upgrades!

Features exclusive to the TOMMARK 250-3 include larger agitator stop with brace, thicker die handle catch, longer slop for the beads to enter the beader box fully across, die shield burner totally lined with stainless steel, new stainless steel die shield support, new agitator design for even mixing, new exhaust vents, upgraded 1” axle shaft,  and 1” swivel when axle bolt.  The TOMMARK 250-3 is proven to boost productivity by reducing fatigue and downtime.



The unit is completely modular aluminum constructed. Pieces can be unbolted and replaced as needed. The kettle chamber is fully insulated (see above) with 1 inch of insulation. Construction consists of exterior wall, followed by insulation, followed by inner wall to retain heat and protect insulation. This new design offers faster heat up and uniform heating of the melting pot with no cold spots.

Die Shield Assembly

The TOMMARK 250-3 die shield door features a clip to hold it in the “UP” position. This aids in the changing of dies. Heat for the die shield is provided by a rectangle top burner. This burner is positioned over the die for more efficient heat distribution, with a heating capacity at 16000BtuH.

Molasses Valve

Allows material to go directly to the die.


The doors of the TOMMARK 250-3 are removable and sized larger for easier access. They include a lip around each to enhance strength and to allow escaping residue to return to mix.

Propane Gas Valves

The gas valves are located up under the unit to protect them from the elements. Easy access doors are provided to light the unit. Copper tubing is used for gas supply, as well as LPG certified shut off valves.

Pilot Generator

The pilot generator is located for quick lighting of the 2 Ransome Burners and easy accessibility for replacement.


Side mounted to offer better view of the temperature and operation during lighting procedures.


Sized at 10″ x 2 3/4 to promote stability. Bearings are precision machined and equipped with grease zerts in the wheels.

Axle Shaft

Front axle shaft is kept in place by 2 flange bearings. This, along with the precision wheels maintains a smooth and effortless movement.

Rear Pivot Wheel

The TOMMARK 250-3 is the first handliner to feature a precision swivel wheel. We have incorporated this wheel with a hand release lever, which enables the operator to squeeze to unlock for turning or backing. Releasing the lever allows the wheel to re-lock after completion of your turn.


The bottom of the kettle is enclosed completely to keep the burner from blowing out.

Dual Front Brakes

This is the only machine that features dual brakes. The brakes, applied by hand control, function as parking brakes or as a friction brake for use on downhill slopes and are fully adjustable.

Bead Box and Bead Reservoir

The bead reservoir box is 5″ wide and equipped with a hinged lid for easier loading and increased volume. The bead dispenser door is 4″ wide and hinged for easy access. The door stays open for viewing during operation without losing beads. The bead box has an individual lever adjuster control to adjust the application widths and to turn beads off for no bead application jobs, such as parking lots, without emptying the bead box. The bead box is wheel driven.


Wires are enclosed in liquid-tight conduit. There are no exposed wires.

Swivel Die Claw

This die claw is pivotal. It allows the die to mirror the image of the road with cost efficiency as it aids in laying the proper mill thickness each time. The Swivel Die Claw is the only die claw that pays for itself every time used!

Adjustable Die Bar (Optional)

One die bar does it all! The mill thickness adjusts from .000 stencil style up to .125 mill thickness.